The One Event That Will Change Everything You Know About Property Investing & Wealth Creation
Surround Yourself With Success to Operate & Achieve at Your Highest Level

FREE 2 Hour Property Training Experience 6:30pm Monday 10th of December
Mt. Eden, Auckland
What We Will Cover:
  •  The 3 Key Strategies used by Top Property Investors to Succeed
  •  3 Simple Methods That Have Helped Me Make Six Figures On A Single Trade
  •  Networking and Mingling with Auckland's top Property Investors
  •  The Art Of Buying Property Below Market Value
  •  Common but Costly Investment Mistakes
  •  Short & Long Term Property Investment Strategies
  •  Q&A Session Where Peter Will Be Able To Answer Property Related Questions
  •  Finger food, Refreshments & Notepads Provided
3 Ways this Training Experience is Profoundly Different
To any seminar, workshop, boot-camp or other training event you've ever invested in
  •  It's being presented by an experienced property trader & working investor
  •  Mine is a very unusual, untraditional, abnormal, contrarian approach to the business of property investment
  •  This isn't built for broad appeal, the training will push, motivate and educate you on how to maximize your profits through property
Strictly LIMITED to 20 seats RESERVE your seat NOW!
We are inviting you to the most unusual - and productive - training format you've ever experienced and been a part of!
In consideration of the fact that everyone with us will be motivated, smart and capable of processing new concepts quickly. 

Peter will present you with 'chunks' of material in the form of case studies of some of his most challenging deals, then engage with you in interactive discussion, then present another piece of material, then engage in interactive discussion, again and again. To engage you'll be seated comfortably in the spacious lounge in Peter's current home.

The overall mix approximately 70% presentation, 30% Q&A and discussions. You will have multiple opportunities to probe and direct the discussion towards issues or situations important to you.
Additional Activities & Features
Case Studies : The Property Academy has dozens of (very different) case studies on property deals we have made money from to demonstrate how we & our students have applied the training in real life scenarios

3 of these cases will be shown and explained in depth to you to ensure you understand, and of course you will be able to question us about each deal. 

These will be powerful DEMONSTRATIONS of principles, strategies and tactics that will progress your knowledge of property & investing. 

NOTHING WILL BE SOLD during the training. Every minute will be devoted to delivering the advanced information and strategies. 

TAKE HOME RESOURCES PACKAGE : You will take with you notes, samples and examples to use as 'models' and templates. (every early registrant, in before the deadline on the Registration Page will also be invited to a VIP FOLLOW-UP TELECONFERENCE for more questions and answers, after the dust has settled,)
Join us up close and Personal for a Morning of Property
Hosted at Peter's spacious Mt Eden villa where he lives and runs a million dollar property trading business from...
#1 'Not another generic property seminar...I've been to a few of these and got no results what so ever!'
This is anything but another property seminar. First of all there are a lot more 'moving parts' than at ordinary seminars: Most attendees profit ENORMOUSLY from networking.... seeing how other investors are using the advantages of each stage of the property cycle to maintain a stable and consistent cashflow.

The truth is both I and my head property academy coaches have been able to start buying property in our early twenties and have been consistently able to invest and profit in property when other seasoned investors were panicking and stunned by the changes in the housing market.

All the evidence points to the same thing; we MUST be doing something right....
If you're feeling overwhelmed, confused, stunned, or just plain tired of hearing the same spiel about investing in property then COME ALONG, this is exactly what you need and you WILL BE pleasantly surprised!
#2 'Who is this Peter Lee guy and why should I listen to him?'
I am a property trader from Auckland, New Zealand. I had a very traditional upbringing and did the whole school, university, and work a good job in corporate but I just wasn’t happy with what I was doing and where I was heading with my life. I knew there was a better way than just slaving away and giving up all my time for a small income. Like most people, I wanted more income and more importantly, more freedom.

I quit my corporate job, and decided to stick it out living with my parents in a tiny bedroom just enough space to have a bed, and a desk to work from. I used this time in my life to try get my hands in business running all sorts of failed companies and businesses: Importing and selling consumables, a cleaning company, selling t shirts, e commerce.. I tried it all and NOTHING worked for me! I had wasted almost all the money I had saved from previous jobs testing and trailing these business only to have wasted a huge amount of time. I was burnt out, sad, and depressed.

One day after stumbling on a book about property trading and investing I decided to take a leap of faith and turned to property trading. It was hard at first but suddenly it all clicked and I realized the exact steps I needed to make a huge change in my life. That first year I made $100,000, second year $200,000, third year $440,000, and now on track to make more than $1,000,000+ this year alone (2018). I have already made over $1,000,000 and know that this is just the surface and that the same formula I have been applying can easily make over $1,000,000+ a year.

People started taking notice of the success I was having and kept wanting to find out how I did it and asked if I could teach him the same techniques. At first it was just a few people then I started getting messages every day of people wanting to see how I operate and I gave in because I only wished I had someone teaching me with this level of knowledge and education when I was first finding the ropes. I started helping people in 2017 and have already worked with over 400+ Kiwis to educate them on the strategies I have used.

I’m no different to you: I started from scratch with little to no money and previous debts. My family is very traditional and wanted me to stay in corporate job because it was “safe” and have never taken risk or had any business experience. I had no connections in the industries, no one to rely on, nothing.. But I was still able to achieve massive success in a record amount of time on my own. Other so called experts might have different advantages that I didn’t have like access to funds, or networks of people to learn from. The other experts have taken decades to get to where they are using outdated techniques and some may find that they are still not that successful. I got myself here in less than 4 years’ time.
#3 'Is it really free? I know you're going to try sell me something at the end.."
Ask any of the year after year returning attendees, they will tell you - forcefully - that the cost is ZERO!

YES at the end of the event, i will open an invitation to those who gained the most value and are in a position to take action immediately to join my mentor-ship program, but only because I believe some of you are sitting on top of a gold mine and just need a little bit of a push to grab a shovel and start digging.

It's a lot more expensive to stay home and miss out on the opportunities that will make so many people so much money! Bluntly, there is no other event of any kind held anywhere in the world from which a higher percentage of attendees go home and put into practice what they learned in just a few hours and create as much money!

The event is FREE, because attendance is MANDATORY for everyone serious about becoming successful through property.
Every year thousands of people procrastinate their future, missing out on opportunities only to ultimately pay a much higher fee to get same essential property education later on. DON'T THROW MONEY AWAY. Take care of this now! You KNOW you need to be here!

So get your tux n' top hat out, polish your shoes, and come out to the beautiful suburb of Mt. Eden for an action packed and rewarding experience.

Come to be discovered - by new joint venture partners, deal makers, new allies... and come discover new money making secrets and strategies, property reinventions, paint-by-numbers trading models, Solutions to every obstacle, answers to every question!
#4 'I'm just starting to look into property, maybe this is a bit too much for me...'
Chances are you are already pretty convinced by the media and general public perception; that investing in property is the best way to secure wealth, comfortably provide for your family, and achieve financial freedom in New Zealand.
When we asked our most successful students what stopped them from getting into property earlier, the answer was almost unanimous - a lack of knowledge and education!

When you lack the correct knowledge and education about any topic - your see it as a big risk!
The truth is people aren't comfortable taking risks investing, especially in such large markets as property without first having someone show them the possibilities and the exact processes, information, and education about what to do and how to succeed.

'Everything is created twice, first in the mind then in reality,'

The education has to start somewhere, so why not let it start with this FREE training experience where we're not going to embarrass or confuse you with complex jargon but instead educate you with simple case studies and real life examples, as well as paint-by-numbers templates for knowing what to buy and common money pits to stay away from!

Whos this training is for
Couples & Individuals who already own a home and want to speed up the process of expanding their portfolio by increasing their capital faster
Home owners who want to pay off their mortgage faster by gaining new money streams
Property Investors/ Traders who want to refine their strategies to MAXIMIZE their profit margins on their deals
Investors who are low on equity and are struggling to get more lending so they can purchase another property
What My Existing Students are Saying

Our live events are hosted by Peter and/or one of our Head Coaches from the Property Academy who are all highly experienced in trading and investing in property.

We're Excited to Have You Join Our Live Training
6:30pm Monday 10th of December
Mt.Eden, Auckland

(Address will be included with reservation email)
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